Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning services based in Newcastle NSW

Young Adulthood (18-30 years old)

Just because you’re under 30, doesn’t mean it’s too early to prepare for your retirement!

  • Prepare salary sacrifice or contribution strategy – this is a great way to boost the growth of your retirement nest egg & a great way to help minimise tax!


Early Career (30-45 years old)

  • Growing your superannuation balance
  • Help plan what you will need to live comfortably in retirement to have a goal of total amount of income you require.
  • Tailor strategies for retirement to ensure retire comfortably whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in the present & minimise your tax


Mid-Late Career (45-60+ years old)

Now is the crucial time to ensure you’ve made the finishing touches for your preparation to retire. We can help by determining your preservation age, creating a retirement plan, advice on tax implications

  • Creating your retirement action plan, strategies you need now to maximise your wealth & minimise your tax
  • Establishing a Transition to Retirement Income Stream (TRIS) – A TRIS allows an individual who have reached their preservation age (currently 60) to access their superannuation benefits as an income stream while they are still working
  • Salary sacrificing – build the final touches on your superannuation value, while putting away enough to reduce taxes
  • Creating annuities as another method of income stream
  • Looking at long term investment plans


Retirement (from 61 years old)

Enjoying the fruits of your labour! We can help ensure your retirement is comfortable by assisting with:

  • Managing your portfolio to maximise income growth
  • Downsizing
  • Annuity management
  • Managing the smooth transition of your Income Stream to be supported by the Old Age Pension

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